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Legends Car FAQ's

What is a Legends Car?

In April of 1992, a revolutionary new race car, the Legend car, was unveiled at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. H.A. "Humpy" Wheeler, President and General Manager of CMS, and Elliott Forbes-Robinson, famed road racing champion, designed these 5/8 scale fiberglass full-fendered versions of the famed NASCAR modifieds. The idea was to create a fun and affordable "Spec" class of racing for everyone.

Competitors are not permitted to make any major changes to the original car. Add a strict set of rules including a $4,300 engine claim rule and a tough technical inspection, and you have a series that is fair for everyone involved.

The cars feature a "new" Yamaha FJ1200 motorcycle engine which produces approximately 115 to 125 horsepower. Horsepower is not a significant factor in Legends Racing because the rules require the use of a 13 inch, 60 series B.F. Goodrich radial "spec", specially manufactured for Legends Cars, tire mounted on a 7-inch wide steel wheel. The tire is of a moderately hard compound and no alterations may be made to the tires.

Legends Cars are only sold through Great North Legends in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North & South Dakota & a dealer network in the rest of the country, Canada, Europe, Japan & Australia. Legends Cars have already become an international racing class. Racing the same cars & rules throughout the world.

A full tubular roll cage sits atop the frame rails which are firmly braced. The cars utilize a recycled Toyota rear end, front disc and rear drum brakes, rack and pinion steering, Carrera coil-over shock suspension on all four corners, a four-gallon fuel cell, AC Delco battery, Simpson five point safety belts, factory manufactured racing seat, Moog Automotive suspension components, Wagner brakes, and Belden wire & Cable. Both doors are operational for easy entrance and exit of the cars.

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What can I add to my Legends Car and what can I Adjust?

The official Legends cars rule book is your guide as to what you can and cannot do with the car. It tells you exactly what you can add or change on the car, and if it is not stated, then is should be considered illegal. Some of the things that may be added include oil coolers, electric fans, duct work, tachometers, fire extinguishers, mirrors and safety related items such as roll bar padding. The only adjustments that may be made are front end camber, caster, and toe; tire pressure; spring rates; rear end gear ratios; and the weight distribution by setting the coil-over suspension.

What is the maintenance program between the races for the Legends Cars?

Legends cars require about three to four hours maintenance between races provided that there are no serious problems. The program includes cleaning the car, changing the oil, checking all fluids, cleaning the air filters, checking the tightness of all bolts, checking for broken or damaged parts, and setting up the car for the upcoming race. A recommended maintenance program and set-ups are all explained in the detailed "New Owner Packet" that every owner receives when they purchase their car.

Who is racing Legends Cars?

Throughout the Great North Region and across the country, Legends cars are being driven by racers 16 to 70, men and women. Racers with years of racing experience and those just beginning. All are having fun and are able to compete at their level. For those of you who have never raced before, it will not be long until you are racing wheel to wheel with some of the best drivers in the country. That is the appeal of Legends cars - affordable racing in a great race car with good racers.

What if I've never raced before?

No problem, our Racing School can teach you everything you need to know on driving a race car. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced racer. Our coaching program can work with you as your skill level increases. Out set-up and chassis staff can teach you what it takes to make the car fast and handle.

Where can I race?

In the Great North Region: Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, North & South Dakota, we have over 80 races scheduled in 1998 at the 10 asphalt short tracks in the region. From Wausau, WI to Fergus Falls, MN there should be a weekly show close to nearly everyone. Check out our complete schedule!

What is it going to cost?

You will never race in a more affordable racing class or in a class where how much money you have does not determine who is successful. A new car with everything you need to be competitive will cost $14,500.00. A trailer to haul the car will cost $1,300.00 and Legends Cars can be towed behind a mini-truck, van or car so you do not have to invest in a tow vehicle. Membership fees are about $100 per season and pit passes to enter the events cost from $12.00 to $25.00 depending on the track and the event. Your race car runs on unleaded premium pump gas and about $5.00 will get you through a race. Change your oil and filter every three races which is about $10.00 per race. A set of tires and your engine normally last for two seasons.

What if I decide to sell my car?

In other forms of racing, if you decide to sell your car they are not worth much, if you can find someone to buy it. That is where Legends Cars excel, in resale value. Legends Cars do not change. The cars built in 1992 are the same as the cars built in 1997. They do not get outdated. The only thing that sets the price of used Legends Cars is condition. Want a nw car? Trade in your old one, that's never happened in racing before. Want to sell it yourself? A used Legends car normally lasts about 30 days on the market.

Sounds good - can I win any money racing?

Sure can! Legends Cars are racing for fun but the purses paid for this class exceed every other class on the track when you consider the cost of racing. Our drivers who are the most successful on the track will win enough to cover most, if not all of their expenses. Many of the newest racers take home 50% or more of their racing costs.

This all sounds great, so when can I start racing?

Would tomorrow be to soon? We have cars in stock and depending on what body style and color you want, we can normally get your car from Charlotte in two to three weeks. But don't wait! A $1,500 deposit gets your car on order and the sooner you get it, the sooner you can personalize it and GO RACING!!!

What are the future plans for the Legends Cars?

The Legends Cars are here to stay! National television coverage for the Legends Cars was quite extensive in 1997. The plans are for the Legends Car to be the car raced most at the short tracks in the US by the year 2,000. Join in the excitement - call Great North Legends, Your Legends Dealer today!

How can I reach you if I have more questions?

Call anytime, our phone is answered Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 5:00. We also have an answering machine that we check on a regular basis and will return your call as soon as we can. During the racing season, we are at the tracks taking care of all our racers needs. Phone – 952-994-1282 E-Mail - Tim Brockhouse.

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