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Arrive and Drive

Our Exclusive Arrive and Drive Team members demand superior equipment and attention to detail.

We pride ourselves in giving our drivers the successful tools to accomplish their individual goals.

You own the car, we do everything else, from maintenance-delivery-setup-repair, and driver coaching. 

AFCO Shock Support

GNL Setups have been dominating tracks across the country for decades. Now, with the introduction of the new Afco Shocks, we have already tested at multiple tracks to develop that same winning advantage for all of our GNL drivers and customers. Our exclusive GNLFORCE shock and spring loader gives us the precise measurements to ensure your suspension is working at its full potential.

Setup and Repair

At Great North Legends, we have spent countless hours of R&D and testing of our setups, chassis, and engine packages. From front and rear clip installations to our experimental "in- house" mods, We go the extra laps necessary to maintain the latest technology.


We can paint, full or partial wraps, decals, numbers, sponsor logos, design, print and install onto your car your own individual identity!

Driver Development

We have some of the best drivers in the country on our staff to give the coaching necessary to give you the confidence to succeed!


Our 7 car hauler combined with all the equipment/parts on board can fulfill the demands travelling all around to many national events.

Tell us what we can do for you!

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